PAM8302 Class-D Audio Amplifier

2.5W Class-D amplifier module for use in audio projects

Printable Detailed Build Instructions



The PAM8302 circuit is a commonly found Class-D type amplifier. It is capable of delivering 2.5W from a 5V source (for example, a USB charger).

It is a amplifier module, so you would typically use it as the amplifier stage in another project. However, it can also be directly connected to a smartphone or other consumer audio source.

Excellent as a first SMD soldering project, since it is quite robust and has a fair number of components.

Refer to PDF link above for Build Instructions, Schematic and Component BOM.
Refer to Blueprints (EasyEDA) for PCB design files.

If you prefer convenience we have a limited set of PCBs and component kits for sale.


The Audio-In/Out section provides connections to the Speaker, Audio-in and a Mute function that powers down the amplifier when connected to GND.

AIN (IN+/IN-) can be directly connected to an audio source such as a smartphone. Or connect it to a DIY Pre-amp stage or other audio source.

The Power section provides stable and noise free power to the PAM8302 IC. Anything between 2V and 5.5V can power the amplifier. 5V provides maximum volume and lowest distortion.

The Amplifier section configures the PAM8302 for stable operation and EMI compliance.

Amplifier Gain is set by resistors R1,R2. Minimum R1,R2 is 10kΩ - which sets Gain to 24dB (16x). Maximum R1,R2 is 80kΩ - which sets Gain to 6dB (2x).