LM386 Audio Amplifier

A classic first amplifier build

Printable Detailed Build Instructions



A DIY amplifier project based on the ubiquitous LM386 chip.
Excellent as a first audio amplifier project!

Connect a speaker and use it as an amplifier for your smartphone, electric guitar, or any other audio generating project.

The LM386 is a great beginners project - easy to build and teaches the fundamentals of audio amplifier design.

Refer to PDF link above for Build Instructions, Schematic and Component BOM.
Refer to Blueprints (EasyEDA) for PCB design files.

If you prefer convenience we have a limited set of PCBs and component kits for sale.


The amplifier consists of 3 Main parts

The Power Rail provides noise free power to the LM386 IC as well as a LED power indicator.

The Pre-Amp Stage provides Volume Control as well as Stereo to Mono audio conversion.

The Amplifier Stage configures the LM386 for stable operation and also provides a Bass Boost function.